Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga

I feel extremely grateful and fortunate to have found this lineage. It is undoubtedly a privilege and an honor to be part of a tradition that has remained alive for thousands of years.

The teachings that have been entrusted to me have been transmitted from teacher to student, in an unbreakable chain for thousands of years. These practices are key to apply the teachings written in classical texts where we can learn about the theoretical aspect of practice but not about the methodology. Only teachers from the lineage can share them as they are the guardians of the power within them. The lineage is the Captain who already knows the path, Tantra gives us the map and Hatha Yoga is the means, the boat, the method.

Yoga and Tantra come together to open us to higher states of consciousness, to transcend duality and thus know our true nature. Tantra expands us beyond our limits, transforms us so that we evolve and become the best version of ourselves so that we shine in every aspect of life, to serve our individual and collective purpose, our Dharma.


This science does not leave things to chance. The methodology is precise, each asana, pranayama, meditation and mantra has a specific function and we must intelligently select the one that better suits our needs. Generally, what we resist is what we need most.


Thanks to my teachers Octavio Salvado, Karina Guthrie, Ellen Arthur, Pelin Turgut, Keli Dierings and Chrissie Chung.

Thank you for being a radiant example of what embodying Yoga and Tantra truly is. Thank you for your generosity, for your dedication and passion, for inspiring me to be better. I’m full of gratitude and admiration. May I honor you and tradition, wholeheartedly.